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Advertising Policy
Project REAP does not host or receive funding from advertising or from the display of commercial content.

Privacy Policy
Project REAP does not collect personal information from site visitors.

Any information Project REAP receives in email from the public is treated as private communication, and only shared internally among representatives of Project REAP to the extent necessary to respond directly to the sender’s questions. Personal information, such as email addresses, is not collected for other use.

Cookie Policy
Project REAP website uses cookies to enhance browsing comfort but does not store individual visits to the site.

Web Linking Policy
Project REAP provides links to related websites as a source of potential information for site visitors but does not endorse any external content nor vouch for its validity or completeness.

Project REAP makes every effort to ensure that any information published on this web site is correct. However, the Project REAP cannot be held liable for the correctness, relevance or completeness of the content provided, whether formulated independently or cited, or for any damage that arises from the use of such information.

No warranty is extended for the provision of data. The correctness of such data must be confirmed by the user by referring to other reliable sources.

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If you have any questions, You can contact us by email: contact@projectREAP.eu


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