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Feb 8th, 2022: 1 Year REAP! We recently held our 2-day consortium month 12 meeting to review current accomplishments and strategically plan for the upcoming year(s)! 

Nov 4th, 2021: Proud to announce two more publications funded by REAP and spearheaded by consortium partners (Medical University of Vienna and Politecnico di Torino)! Here


Sept 14th, 2021: In this month’s APL photonics issue a REAP funded project got published: “An optical coherence photoacoustic microscopy system using a fiber optic sensor” Have a look here

30.6.-01.07.2021 REAP’s project month 6 meetings: All European partners gathered online to intensely discuss progress of the first months regarding laser and detector development, system integration, automatic image analysis, contrast agents and organoid models to enable imaging drug tolerant persister cells in breast cancer model.

On our way to reveal drug tolerant persister cancer cells using multimodal optical imaging we are proud to share our first peer reviewed perspective article describing the general architecture of the project and the expected impact of REAP on the community! Check out our paper here!

Online Kick-off meeting: Jan 13 – 14, 2021


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